Message on behalf of Kilburn & Denby Neighbourhood Watch

I am writing on behalf of the Kilburn & Denby Neighbourhood Watch team to inform you all that with the current outbreak of Coronavirus, we have partnered with the Job Centre & local food banks to provide support to the local communities of Kilburn, Denby & Horsley Woodhouse.

We currently have a dedicated team of 25 volunteers who are able to assist anybody and everybody who needs assistance through self isolation including the collection of shopping, prescriptions, other essential items and where there is a low income, we can also assist with emergency food items (which we have been collecting over the past week).

All volunteers have been security checked and are fully insured for these purposes.

We will in due course be distributing purpose made leaflets to the entirety of the 3 parishes but I would be grateful if you could pass the details on to all that you know so that nobody becomes unnecessarily isolated during these challenging times.

If anybody does need assistance, all they will need to do is ring us on 07756762192 and we will allocate a volunteer to assist them carrying out their required tasks.

I wish you all the best for the coming weeks and months and I hope you manage to stay in good health throughout this dreadful pandemic.

Dan Beadell
Area Co-ordinator
Kilburn & Denby Neighbourhood Watch

Posted: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 08:16 by Karen Howe

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